Stop wasting time and money screening the WRONG people. Get the RIGHT CANDIDATES in the RIGHT ROLES on the first go! 

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Values-Based Behavioral Interview Training and Certification

Public Training Program

Starting January 11th 8AM-12PM PST 

Session 1: January 11th 8 AM - 12 PM
Session 2: January 21st 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Session 3: January 28th 8 AM - 12 PM
Session 4: February 4th 8 AM - 12 PM
BONUS SESSION: February 9th 8 AM - 11 AM 

Why Values-Based Behavioral Interview Training?SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2020

It's a situation that many human resources professionals and hiring managers often over look when screening among a pool of applicants for one position at their company: Post a job, get a "qualified" applicant, interview them, send them an offer for the role. Early on from Day 1 your team discovers that while your selection is indeed qualified for the requirements of the job, they're not quite the fit due to a contrast in team values and company culture. After a few disagreements and mishaps on the job, you eventually let that stellar pick for the job go and alas you're back to square one of hiring for the same role.

That Ends Here.

At KeenAlignment we understand that one of the biggest challenges for companies is not only selecting the right candidate based on skills and qualifications but also the ideal candidate for your company's values and culture. Our Values-Based Behavioral Interview Training aims at giving your HR and talent acquisition specialists the framework in creating an efficient hiring process that gets you the qualified and dedicated employees your company needs

We know that the best companies are built from within starting with a singular employee. While your company may offer an in-demand product or service it means nothing if you don't have the right human resources process to attract, hire, and keep the best employees for critical positions to keep your business running efficiently. Our tried and tested course aims at streamlining your hiring process so that when the job posting ends you don't just get to say "this position has closed" you get to say "I just made the best pick for my team".

Strong organizational success starts with a positive company culture. Fly over common obstacles that hinder hiring the right person for the right role. Implicit bias, wasted time screening too many people, and hiring people who need the role, rather than want the role are a thing of the past with our behavioral interview training.

  • Get the control you need to attract qualified candidates who are fully aligned with your company’s values and what is needed to move the company culture forward.
  • Reduce the burden of the screening and hiring process and gain a better understanding, confidence, and prowess in selecting highly productive, engaged, and culturally aligned employees.
  • Improve your hiring success by hiring the right people who are natural for the position and bring their best selves to work every day.
  • Ensure higher profitability, workforce effectiveness, retention, and return on your people investment with every hire



Benefits Of Values-Based Behavioral Interview Training

Reduce Time (6)
95% success hiring batting average
Reduce Time (4)
Boost in bottom-line results by decreasing devastating turnover costs
Reduce Time (3)
Significant increase in new hires that embrace your company’s culture and value systems
Reduce Time (2)-1
Increased employee engagement, innovation, and empowerment
Reduce Time (1)
Reduced new hire ramp up time by 20%
Reduce Time (5)
Peak productivity by tapping into new hires' motivations and modes of interacting

Ted Green, President, PACE Supply Corp.Copy of Reduce Time

“I and my Executive Team have been working with KeenAlignment, and Margaret Graziano in particular, for the past 5 weeks. As I am moving into retirement, we as a team have found Margaret to be extremely helpful as a consultant to us. She has challenged our thinking, helped us put into words our core values. Understand our culture as a company. All of these key areas have better positioned us as we look for a new President to take the company into the future. We have found Margaret to be insightful as to who we are as a team and who each individual on the Exec Team is as an individual team member. This has helped us to have more open dialogue amongst one another. I highly recommend KeenAlignment as a vital and professional consulting team.”

What You Get

  • 16 hours of expert training
  • Deep understanding in how to recognize values-based behaviors on a resume, on a phone screen and in an interview
  • Awareness of how implicit and unconscious bias adversely impacts the interview and hiring process and overall practices to improve the process and outcomes
  • Proficiency in mapping behavioral traits to core functions and key performance indicators
  • Increased effectiveness in listening to what candidates are and/or are not saying 
  • Training in deeper listening and Inner-viewing
  • Experiential behavioral interview and response interpretation practice 
  • 5 custom Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing guides and checklists
  • Framework for our PROVEN Role Analysis Process: Aligning roles with company mission, vision and strategic focus
  • Competency in creating Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing benchmarks
  • Hiring Manager Preparation Coaching
  • Comprehensive assessment of your Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing skills and knowledge
  • Over 400 psychologist-developed and targeted behavioral interview questions and interview creation guide

Lauren Monack, Director of Administration and Finance, Santa Lauren No BackgroundClara Valley, Open Space Authority

“The work with Keen drastically changed the culture. In the beginning, we couldn’t pay people enough to come work for us. Now, we have a booming culture, and a great reputation in the industry. This changed when the vocabulary opened up, and the wrong people got off the bus. There’s nothing more exciting than creating a better future. People want to come here.”


This is a SHRM Accredited Training that positions you as a leader in 21st-century Employee Selection and Workforce Optimization. This course is worth 20 SHRM recertification credits.

SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2020
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More About Our Behavioral Interviewing Program

Through our hands-on experiential learning training, you’ll accurately determine the values and behaviors critical to successful job performance for the various roles within your company.

We’ll guide you through the process of selecting relevant role-centric and values-based behavioral interview questions that enable you to evaluate the candidate’s competencies, and score their responses in an unbiased manner. This means you’ll gain confidence in your ability to ask the right questions, and listen for the right answers. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify those values-based behaviors in those you interview.

As a Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing professional, you’ll then apply the interview score results and provide your hiring managers with a 360-degree holistic perspective on the top candidates for key positions. Since you’ll actively bring the philosophies of workforce optimization and human potential to the forefront in your company, you’ll also become a person who makes a difference in people’s lives -- inside and outside of the workplace.

Agenda By Module

Module 1: Purpose of Proficiency-Based Interviewing and Understanding Key Capabilities

Gain a full understanding of the underlying skills and behaviors of how certain people perform different situations. Deconstruct the behavioral traits and motivations of candidates. Learn how each candidate will show up on the job, how they innovate, how they perform under stress and pressure and what their systemic values and beliefs will be.

An understanding of behaviors and motivations of an excellent “fit” allows you to place the right people in the right roles.


Module 2: Role Analysis and Benchmarking     

Outline the structure, prep work, and facilitation strategies to put together a successful Role Analysis. Move from “task list” job descriptions to purposeful, performance-based job outcomes, so your new hires are clear on the “big picture” of their position. Learn the Success Benchmarking process to identify top performers in a given role, map out desired qualities and utilize the data to hire and promote people with the strengths, core competencies, values and motivational drivers that lead to success.

Get on the road to unlocking the wealth of talent within your organization and maximizing your return on your people investment.

Module 3: Interview Preparation and Interview Creation

We guide you with side by side coaching through the process of selecting relevant role-centric and values-based questions that enable you to evaluate the candidate’s competencies, and score their responses in an unbiased manner. Learn how to powerfully review a candidate’s resume and identify potential strengths and weaknesses before the interview. Build your own interview questionnaire made from Key Performance Indicators and Core Functions of the role that allows you to look into how a person responds in real life, in a job and with challenging circumstances.

Asking the right questions and identifying the right answers with confidence helps you build an interview questionnaire that works!

Module 4: Interview Conducting and Evaluation

Walk you through the keys to conscious interviewing, so you can maximize your effectiveness in hiring the right people for the right roles. You will sharpen your skills in live interviewing and unbiased listening, and learn the self-management of interviewing from neutrality.

We’ll provide you with a checklist and process to debrief a candidate’s responses within an hour of completing the interview, so you don’t forget anything that was really important.

Learn the fundamentals of conscious interviewing, evaluation, scoring, and get crystal clear on how much of a fit the candidate is.

Copy of Bonus ModuleGet a BONUS MODULE when you sign up now!

Module 5: Hiring Process Development and Implementation

One of the sole competitive advantages your business has is the people you hire to carry out your mission.


Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing Takeaways

  • Walk away with a deep understanding of the foundations of values-based behavioral interviewing and its importance in the hiring process.
  • Discover what drives peak performance, including motivations, ways of being, ways of thinking, and modes of interacting.
  • Design key performance indicators based on Role Analysis, so you can easily identify the applicants who are best-qualified to fill key roles in the organization.
  • Gain confidence in role benchmarking, creating values-based behavioral interviewing models that target the right fit, and behavioral selection and interpretation. 
  • Avoid making bad hiring decisions (which are typically made within the first 10 minutes of the interview) by identifying how such decisions are made.
  • Maximize your effectiveness by coaching your managers to hire the right people. 
  • Learn and champion a lean recruiting model to increase your company’s efficiency in the hiring process.
  • Experience the impact that effective targeted selection and values-based behavioral interviewing has on your ability to secure and retain the right people for your company and evoke genuine, productive change in how people are recruited, hired, and onboarded into the organization.



Meet The Trainer

Margaret Graziano Headshot 2019 Cropped

Margaret Graziano


Recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women Leaders, Margaret Graziano’s groundbreaking work is driven by her power to uncover and catalyze human potential. Pioneering the leading edge of Leadership Training, Organizational Culture, and Strategic People Operations, she brings:

•Proven success transforming organizational culture – over 25,000 lives impacted
•Over 25 years of experience in unlocking the wealth of talent, human spirit, and capacity in organizations
•Methods that increase employee performance, ignite passion in teams, and deliver up to 10x return on program investment