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In this one hour webinar, you get the tools needed to lead effectively in times of complexity, chaos and change. 

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You're facing immense amounts of pressure. 

Between keeping your business IN business and managing the care and welfare of your people - you've got a lot on your shoulders. 

Your management team is stressed out and exhausted. And while we can't fix circumstances that cause massive, unexpected change, this training teaches you how to move beyond chaos into courage, engagement and innovation.

Walk away from this one hour training clear headed, focused and grounded in your leadership abilities. 


Respond to adversity, stress and pressure with power and ease


Navigate change thoughtfully and effectively


Take ownership of your experiences and recalibrate as needed

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Featured Speaker

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Margaret Graziano’s expertise lies in supporting organizations in creating and sustaining high-performing work cultures. Margaret’s business and people solutions have been implemented successfully across multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, high tech, agriculture, non-profit and government.

Her company, KeenAlignment, was named on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing, privately held companies in the U.S. and Margaret is recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business. Over the last decade, Margaret developed a workflow software for Conscious Hiring®, authored UNLOCK: The Wealth of Talent and serves as a sought-after keynote speaker for organizations and associations across the country. She has made it her life’s work to enable leaders to achieve their mission through aligning their people, culture and business strategy.

Over 200 Business Leaders Transformed

“Magi was truly a breath of fresh air when she presented her well-documented research. Her passion for effective leadership was truly inspiring and challenging. The self-realization that 'it begins with me' was both enlightening and humbling."

“Magi’s presentation was outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken to has raved about her presentation and content. She offered some thought provoking ideas and learning opportunities for everyone. We are very appreciative of her time and her expertise.”

"The neuroscience was truly fascinating and her expertly demonstrating how diagonal-thinking and managing energy systems leads to executive thinking and synchronicity was most powerful. I am grateful for her insights and expertise which, when put into practice, will make me better.” 

"It was very uplifting with clear and concise suggestions of how to weather any storm. I love how practical Margaret is in her approach" 

"Excellent pointers for business leaders. Timely!"


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