Drive Breakthrough Results In Your Remote Team

Before Covid-19: Remote working was a perk for Millennials
After Covid-19: Remote working is essential for all of us
With a distributed workforce or an alternation between home and the office, your team is facing more loose ends. They are being asked to adapt fast and deal with uncertainty and chaos more so than they ever had to before.
Good leadership… Just isn’t good enough anymore.
Leadership drives performance. 
You need guidance. Your team needs support.  Your company needs results.
Ramp up your results and achieve goals faster through this highly interactive, fun, and experiential online workshop, presented in five 90 minute modules. Margaret Graziano and Aaron Schmookler team up to help you shed the stress of leading a remote workforce and focus on creating the momentum needed to produce breakthrough results. You walk away with the skills needed to unlock the power of the collective genius of your team.
Learn the keys to leading a results-driven remote team: 
Untitled Design-Jul-31-2020-04-49-47-65-PM
Understanding what gets in the way of peak performance
Untitled Design-Aug-05-2020-10-12-28-56-PM
Avoiding the pitfalls of a distributed workforce
Untitled Design-Aug-05-2020-10-14-43-56-PM
Best practices in achieving higher productivity, effectiveness and employee engagement
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Shifting the dynamics so people and remote teams thrive

About The Coaches

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What They're Saying

“Magi helped us bring back focus on what is most important - belief that we are building a great company to which people want to contribute their best selves and to learn how to lead the company into the future. Her programs are pragmatic and experiential. She's willing to call you out on your stuff and hold you accountable. It's hands-on, at times in your face, but always with love and respect.” Michael Lowe, GM, AB&I Foundry
“Not only does [Aaron] use proven methods and science, they also use common sense and cut through the nonsense to get to the point of truly helping build cohesive and collaborative teams!" Joe LeRoy, CEO, HopeSparks
“Teamwork is the foundation for everything a business does, and Magi’s framework is the basis of this new way we operate and interact with one another. Our team now has a unique and impactful vernacular for our day-to-day communications, as well as systems and tools in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is a tremendous benefit. I’m a very pragmatic person, and her training is very pragmatic in its approach.” Larry Jordan, CEO, Wi-Tronix
“We had the smoothest merger of teams yet after the most recent acquisition… And we doubled our SKUs per square foot using openly shared insights from the acquired company’s team… Using these tools, we have the highest morale ever after an acquisition.” Kelly Fox, CEO, Lumber Traders
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