Leadership Survival Series (5)
To navigate the storms of 2020 and prepare for the uncertainty 2021 brings, unprecedented times require a new level of leadership. There’s no more waiting for COVID-19 to be over, leaders must take action now!
In this 10 session Leadership Program facilitated by a team of highly effective leadership trainers and coaches, gain the know-how in leading through uncertain times and produce immediate results moving forward.
RECOVER from the damages of COVID-19, RECALIBRATE with a focus on strong frontline leadership and empowering effectiveness, and ALIGN your people with the vision of the organization.

Direct results of our Leadership Training

Navigate (1)

Learn to navigate effectively through 2020's uncertainty and chaos


Align, focus and optimize individual and team efforts towards organizational priorities

Focus (1)

Master actionable tactics that move leaders forward and equip for business success

About The Coaches

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Leadership Survival Series Curriculum

Recovery Series (3 sessions)

Untitled design (25)Close the gaps created by COVID-19. Efficiency, accountability, and focused priorities will be paramount to an effective recovery. Prepare to move forward in the “new normal” with a fresh perspective and a stronger competitive advantage compared to pre-COVID landscape. 

Catalyze: Preparing for the new economy by understanding and moving
through Operating States of a high-performing organization.

Crystalize: Leverage market conditions, create clarity, vision and focus

Optimize: People utilization

Recalibration Series (2 sessions)

Begins with a focus on the individual leader and their ability to lead from the front. Continues withUntitled design (26) giving your team practices and protocols that empower effectiveness especially during times of chaos and uncertainty. Positions the leader to make astute business decisions now and in the future.

Revitalize: Leading through uncertainty and chaos

Materialize: Understanding your leadership strengths  

Alignment Series (5 sessions)

Focuses on leading your people – connecting and directing your team towards the firm’s vision. Untitled design (27)Build the foundation for focus and accountability so that during and after COVID-19, your firm has a fighting chance at surviving and even thriving.

Harmonize: Tap into the collective intelligence of your team

Actualize: Accountability

Prioritize: Focus, Priorities and Scorecards

Synergize: Inspire contribution and performance

Idealize: Generate Collaboration and Innovation

What They're Saying

“KeenAlignment has given our organization the opportunity to reexamine what got us here, and to look at business practices in a way that positions us for the future. I've always felt that people and employees are important and critical to the success of any organization. The team activities that Keen has brought in have positioned me to build relationships where one didn't really exist and to strengthen those that did exist. From my point of view, this has permitted me to take the unique perspective of stepping back and examine how I operate from another's perspective or mindset. KeenAlignment's focus on the changing work environment and dynamics of new employees entering the workforce has been extremely beneficial to Clow. The coaching sessions, and the learning that is reinforced in the coaching sessions, has become irreplaceable to the majority of our team members!” Andy Holmberg, Machine Shop Manager, Clow Valve
“Magi helped us bring back focus on what is most important - belief that we are building a great company to which people want to contribute their best selves and to learn how to lead the company into the future. Her programs are pragmatic and experiential. She's willing to call you out on your stuff and hold you accountable. It's hands-on, at times in your face, but always with love and respect.” Michael Lowe, GM, AB&I Foundry
“Margo at KeenAlignment was a great coach! She gave us the skills as a company to be able to grow and to be an engaged team. She also gave me as an individual the skills to be able to show my confidence as a leader. I have a new bright outlook on my future as a confident leader in my industry. I want to give a huge thank you to Margo and her team of wonderful coaches. They gave me an opportunity to show my confidence, that will help me be a great leader going forward in my career in an ever-changing engineering world. I highly recommend Margaret Graziano and KeenAlignment if you are looking for ways in growing your company into being an engaged and innovated leader in your industry.” Katie Roy, EI&C Designer, Aqua-Chem
“My experience with KeenAlignment has been life and career changing. Working with this group has opened my eyes to the growth I needed as a leader and person. I have personally grown both in my awareness of how I impact others and my ability to impact our business. This learning has taken place through intense offsite retreats, group trainings and working with my individual coach twice monthly. I have seen great changes in others at my company and have been amazed at how quickly we have been able to start building momentum toward our future goals. The KeenAlignment group has a talented group of consultants. They have the experience to bring what you need to the table in a way that works for you. They don't sugar coat that there is work to be done and they are fiercely dedicated to their clients. I would recommend working with Keen to anyone who is serious about changing the culture of an organization.” Chris Prendergast, Assistant Metalcasting Facility Manager, Clow Valve

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