Women’s Leadership Retreat

February 18th - 20th, 2021


To Empower Others, You Must First Empower Yourself

Emerge from the stress and chaos of 2020 and start 2021 off in an empowering and refreshing way with our second virtual Ignite Power Women’s Leadership Retreat.

On February 18th-20th, join fellow women leaders in this immersive journey that inspires vision, deepens self-awareness, encourages empowerment of self and others, and brings together a community of strong women across all cultures and generations. Dedicated attendees experience up-leveling of personal development success, heightening their professional performance, and clarity in paving a path for living a life in a peak state of joy, happiness, resilience, and fulfillment. 

If you’re experiencing dwindling routines, lack of time for regular self-care, a constant pull of navigating between home and work life, or just want to go into 2021 with clarity, confidence, and community, JOIN IGNITE POWER TODAY

2021 calls for the opportunity to tap into your power of volition we have as women leaders, shake the roots of what is known, build platforms of success, find a focused state of mind and take back control of our lives. 


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Happening on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 at 11:30 am PST

Spend an hour with Margaret Graziano and learn how  to become a more effective Female Leader in 2021.

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Read the Testimonials

“I recently attended KeenAlignment's Ignite Power: Women's Leadership Retreat. The event was intense and impactful. Magi and Hanna were amazing at leading a diverse group of women. The experience provided insight and new tools for my leadership toolbox. The level of engagement was extraordinary - everyone found their "inner voice" and showed that in just 2.5 days, that they were transformed into leaders. I would highly recommend KeenAlignment for workforce development." Francesca Dunbar, Vice President, Group Marketing, McWane, Inc., Birmingham, AL
"This is a one-of-a-kind course that I had been looking for but couldn’t find in the market of professional and personal development. It covers all aspects integral to being a woman – leadership, human development, self-care, self-expression, our feminine and masculine traits, and most importantly, a vision for living. The course is brilliantly and thoughtfully constructed. I could take it again and get another level of insights. KeenAlignment’s commitment to transforming the workplace for both men and women shines through this active and engaging course.” Alane Watkins, Director, IT Risk, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Foster City, CA
“The event was life-changing! Margaret and team, I want to thank you for that. I found a piece of me that was very deep and holding me back. I came away with more confidence, self-knowledge, and self-love. I encourage anyone to sign up to spend time with Margaret and her team of Keenalignment. Bring your open mind and be ready to be transformed-- you won't be disappointed!” Kathleen Dammann, Human Resource Manager/Office Manager, Evolve Additive Solutions, Minnetonka, MN
“Ignite Power: Women's Leadership Retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. It covered leadership in a way that I hadn't experienced before and in a way that I found really impactful, deep, meaningful, and something that I’ll carry with me going forward for the rest of my life.” Jennifer Roback, Organizational,  Leadership, and Business Coach, Management Consulting, San Francisco, CA
“Participating in the Ignite Power retreat was one of the most impactful experiences I have gotten the pleasure of having. I learned so much about who I am as a woman and leader and got to learn from a group of extraordinary women. It gave me a path forward on how I wanted to show up to others in my life at work and home, and gave me a better understanding of how to make that happen. 10/10 would recommend.” Jenny Landon, Senior HR Generalist, AB&I Foundry, Oakland, CA

What You Get

womens leadership retreat brings joy

Clarity on how to bring more energy, vitality, & joy into personal and career lives

Copy of womens leadership retreat brings joy (4)

Leadership effectiveness breakthroughs in how to attain ultimate agility

Copy of womens leadership retreat brings joy (1)

Know-how in creating a peace of mind in any circumstance


Copy of womens leadership retreat brings joy (2)

A level set of goal line and your soul line


Copy of womens leadership retreat brings joy

Grounding through challenging times

Road map-2

Personal and professional development success roadmap

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A community of like-minded and diverse women leaders

For Social Good Scholarship Application

It is our mission to continue to bring together women from all different cultures and generations.

Once again KeenAlignment is teaming up with For Social Good to provide scholarships of attendance into our Ignite Power Women’s Retreat. For every three paid attendees, one womxn from the BIPOC community will be awarded a scholarship.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for the scholarship, please click the link below:

Retreat Highlight Offerings

•Interactive creative exercises to envision your future as a leader
•Daily meditation, feminine-centered yoga and Nei Gong designed to tap into your innate feminine intelligence
•Explore your range of mature masculine/feminine and immature masculine/feminine sides
•Identify blockers and recognize how to shift limiting beliefs
•Health, wellness and vitality mindset and practices
•Design tailored rituals to enable your internal power to intentionally live a life you love




Who Is Ignite Power For?

•Established women leaders struggling to lead with grace or ease 
•Women looking to empower themselves and those around them
•Emerging women leaders looking for personal and professional clarity and confidence
•Women from an organization ready to boost their workplace effectiveness
 (We have a 25% group and corporate discount available)


Ignite Power Retreat Agenda

Day 1: All About Fulfillment

Invent a possibility for a life, worth living for and leading from.

We do this through:

•Facilitating and participating in a conversation for shaping, inspiring and rewarding women’s leadership.
•Moving forward as a community in building a tribal women’s community grounded in authenticity, vulnerability and trust.
•Tapping into your Intuitive super powers, unlocking your right brain creativity and visualizing your future living in fulfillment.



Join Ignite Power

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Day Two: Heavy lifting

We look at the possibility of living an invented, intentional life and one by one identifying and navigating the beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and biases that block our peace, joy and ease along our path of leadership and life fulfillment.

Day Three: Mapping the journey towards your future self

Once we know what we want and we gain a deep level of awareness for what stops us from living it; we together with the support of our coaches and small groups shape our course of action.

You learn: 

•Neuroscience and it’s impact on your Leadership effectiveness, presence, self expression, and fulfillment
•Mind Body & Spiritual Alignment  practices
•The Mechanics of how the mind works
•Structures for turning on your right and left hemisphere and being 100% at cause in your leadership effectiveness at work and in life.
•Several practical and easy methods to tap into your highest level of consciousness, tune into your innate intelligence and turn on the next right action. 



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Join The Incredible Group of Female Leaders!

Having a seat at the table is great, but it’s only the beginning. Want to skyrocket your leadership development and effectiveness as a woman leader? 

Learn to lead with compassion, confidence, community and empathy at the center of life, relationships, and career. Participants learn to navigate challenges, setbacks, and upsets through empowerment. By following a self-authored path to achievement, the program allows participants to accept full responsibility for all life experiences and move through adversity with peace, freedom and ease as strong women leaders. 

As women, we’ve been taught to suppress our softer side when leading in service of producing results, however there is a multitude of research in women’s studies, neuroscience, and leadership that proves there’s POWER in our feminine sides.

When we tap into our innate wisdom, we transform and shift an organization from disjointed, unorganized, frustrated, and chaotic to an organization that is united, well engaged, and peak performing. 


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Meet The Ignite Power Facilitator

Margaret Graziano Headshot 2019 Cropped

Margaret Graziano


Recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women Leaders, Margaret Graziano’s groundbreaking work is driven by her power to uncover and catalyze human potential. Pioneering the leading edge of Leadership Training, Organizational Culture, and Strategic People Operations, she brings:

•Proven success transforming organizational culture – over 25,000 lives impacted
•Over 25 years of experience in unlocking the wealth of talent, human spirit, and capacity in organizations
•Methods that increase employee performance, ignite passion in teams, and deliver up to 10x return on program investment