Got Culture? Cultivating Culture in the Age of COVID-19

Organizational Culture in covid

A top-notch, progressive business strategy alone won’t deliver breakthrough results. 

Your organization is picking up the pieces of Covid-19.  

Priorities are everywhere. Innovation is stunted. 

Your teams are frazzled and burnt out. 

You’re anxious and stressed due to piled up work.

We understand!

Let's hit the refresh button on culture.


In this insightful presentation, attendees gain:

  • An understanding of the four fundamental needs and how to incorporate them into your organizational culture 
  • Identifying roadblocks that impede momentum in the constantly changing workplace
  • Leadership know-how in fostering a peak performing organizational culture that shapes more trust, alignment, and accountability

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Meet The Speaker

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Margaret Graziano is the CEO/Founder and Chief Evangelist of Keenalignment. Margaret is recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Woman in Business and an award-winning Keynote Speaker.

Pioneering the leading edge of Leadership Training, Organizational Culture, and Strategic People Operations she brings:
  • Proven success with over 25,000 lives impacted
  • More than 25 years of experience unlocking the wealth of talent, human spirit and capacity of organizations
  • Methods that increase employee performance, ignite passion in teams and deliver a minimum 5X return on program investment