When crises arise, people look for a leader.

We can't control the outbreak of a virus or much of any external turbulence our business may face.

We can only choose our reaction to such events. 

We choose whether we'll be the person who succumbs to panic or the one who stays and leads. 

Choosing to stay and lead becomes much easier when you're equipped with the mindset and tools necessary to both face turbulent times and have your organization become better for having done so.

In this powerful, 4-part series, you learn:

-How your brain may be hijacking how you respond to sudden, unexpected change

-The practical tools needed to successfully navigate your business through any crisis situation or major change 

-How to lead from your highest level of leadership wisdom

-Lessons from the world's best collaborators to make the most of your team

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Session 1 - Your Executive Brain In Crisis

Neuroscience expert Ann Betz joins Margaret to explain why the real epidemics facing us are fear and stress -- and what to do about it. You'll learn:
  • What stress is doing to your executive functioning, with research-based ideas for creating a centered brain.
  • The impact of isolation and boredom on your ability to focus, be present, plan and connect, and how to keep yourself moving forward during this time. 
  • The simple way to stop ruminating (and maybe even sleep better)
  • How both the right and left hemisphere of the brain can become over-calibrated and how to fix it.



Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC
Ann Betz is the Co-Founder and Director of Research for BEabove Leadership. As an international speaker and trainer, she specializes in the intersection of neuroscience, coaching and human transformation.


Session 2 - Navigate, Plan and Execute in Case of Emergency

Learn the 6 key components to navigate your business through a crisis situation and walk away with practical tools to get your entire organization aligned on how to move forward, focused on the most critical tasks and how to solve issues effectively even with a remote workforce.


Andreas Dankelmann

Andreas has over 20 years of experience working in executive leadership roles in Fortune 500 and privately owned businesses. As a Professional EOS Implementer, he helps companies form high performing teams by creating clarity and alignment on direction, and building an environment that enables high trust, open communication and drives innovation.


Session 3 - Managing COVID-19 Impacts From My Highest Self

Spiritual Leader, Jorge Hachumak, will take participants on an explorative journey centered around three key themes:

RESET: Resets are a part of nature's cycle and happen around us all the time. From beaches and lakes, to forests, and yes, viruses. We are subject to these cycles - how much of that are we acknowledging in our own lives? 

IMMUNITYIn the spiritual world, immunity speaks to developing a guardian against the invasion of a harmful element - not just for biological pathogens, but also in levels of the self: negative thinking, mental prisons we lock ourselves in and destructive depressions. How can we help boost our internal defense mechanisms in times of crisis? 

COMMUNITY CARE: COVID-19 will bring about critical changes to travel, food, trade and interaction. How much of that can we participate in and help design in our spaces, businesses and communities?


Jorge Hachumak

Jorge Hachumak is a Peruvian born medicine man. He works in Peru with medicine energies from Nature and plants to help people physically and spiritually and he travels occasionally around the world on educational activities for spiritual consciousness awareness.


Session 4 - Remote Collaboration

We have the technology!

And, having the technology isn’t the whole picture. There’s the free flow of information, the human dynamics, and the influence of everything that’s happening around us.

You’ve got to work together even though you’re working apart. And we’ll give you tools and techniques employed by the world’s best collaborators to make the most of your team and the tech that connects them. Over 90 minutes, you'll learn:

  • From Zoom to Slack to Email and Text - guidelines for when to use which communication tech.
  • 4 fundamental and actionable principles at the heart of all effective communication and collaboration
  • How to address and manage constraints
  • Why listening is the Supertool
  • One bonus principle to drive productivity at a quicker pace with more fun and less frustration

It’s a new life – at least for now. Let’s love it, have fun, and drive results together.

Aaron Schmookler

Aaron Schmookler

As Co-Founder of The Yes Works, Aaron strives to help people find their own intrinsic motivation, their capacity to collaborate, and the fulfillment that comes from harnessing the creative impulse in us all to serve others. He supports business leaders to build structures, habits, and mindsets that support an enduring collaboration culture. 

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